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Plant-based supplements manufactured in the USA. All ingredients are engineered using natural science to help outdoor athletes push new boundaries. 

TRUWILD products are whole-food based and contain no chemicals, fillers or synthetic stimulants to ensure that you are putting only real food products in your body. All products are made from non-GMO ingredients, and are vegan, and gluten-free. TRUWILD uses a CGMP and eco-friendly facility located in Los Angeles, California.


Great for group outings, NOCQUA provides a unique experience to a casual paddle, paddle for exercise, full-moon paddles, studying the environment or collecting photos and video. Not only can NOCQUA be your lighting system for the vessel or board of your choice, – but this versatile product brings quality lighting to any setting out of the water and is perfectly adaptable to use at your camp site, party site or work site.


"The first time I jumped on my paddleboard in Koh Phangan, while traveling through Thailand a little beach dog named Sushi jumped on with me...instantly we bonded. Sushi is just one of many dogs in Thailand that roam the beaches, cities, countryside, temples looking for food, shelter and most of all love. The next day I got up at the crack of dawn to go for a run and watch the sunrise. My companions were a pack of dogs running up and down the beach. They were great company but terrible for running, banging and tripping over every step of the way.  I soon realized that dogs in Thailand are not treated like dogs in other parts of the world. From the dog smuggling for meat to the suffering dog on the side of the road,  these beach dogs wanted nothing but love.  As a mother, entrepreneur, yoga teacher & dog lover... instantly Sushi became my muse. I wanted to give back - do something to better the lives of these dogs. How could I use my passion to inspire, educate & implement solutions for this cause?  Supdog was born, a perfect platform to bring awareness to the difficulties faced by dogs in Thailand.  Through sales of  Supdog Paddleboards 100% of all profit go to help the dogs in Thailand."     Candace Welch, Founder

Tandem Studio Barcelona

Tandem Studio sits in the heart of Barcelona. Created for the pursuit of integrative personal development through Wellbeing and Art.

The co-founders are passionate about creating a space for artistic expression (dance, theater, singing) and well-being (yoga, pilates, therapies).

The perfect place to come together and discover your best self!

Via Laietana 45, 3 - 1  Barcelona, Spain 

www.tandemstudiobcn.com   +34 937 822 164

Our Partners

Mush Nutrition


The choice of plant-based nutrition is not only a fully healthy lifestyle commitment, but also a firm statement toward reducing the negative footprint that each individual leaves on his family, his community, his planet. 

MUSH offers a variety of workshops and activities to promote awareness and practical insight into alternative, holistic plant-based lifestyle choices.  These range from Body Type Assessment and Nutritional Awareness Training for athletes, to MiniMush, designed specifically for kids and parents together, as well as  Integrative Ayurvedic Yoga Workshops, for all ages.