The Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy

The Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy is an international training centre located in the heart of Barcelona and one of the best tennis academies in Spain, with a professional approach to the game and the steps you should take to built a career as a professional player capable to get into the ATP list.

Tru Wild

Plant-based supplements manufactured in the USA. All ingredients are engineered using natural science to help outdoor athletes push new boundaries. 

TRUWILD products are whole-food based and contain no chemicals, fillers or synthetic stimulants to ensure that you are putting only real food products in your body. All products are made from non-GMO ingredients, and are vegan, and gluten-free. TRUWILD uses a CGMP and eco-friendly facility located in Los Angeles, California.

Our Partners

​YOGA Teacher Trainings 
SUPYOGA Certification

Mush Nutrition


The choice of plant-based nutrition is not only a fully healthy lifestyle commitment, but also a firm statement toward reducing the negative footprint that each individual leaves on his family, his community, his planet. 

MUSH offers a variety of workshops and activities to promote awareness and practical insight into alternative, holistic plant-based lifestyle choices.  These range from Body Type Assessment and Nutritional Awareness Training for athletes, to MiniMush, designed specifically for kids and parents together, as well as  Integrative Ayurvedic Yoga Workshops, for all ages.