Bangrak Pier
(Seatran Ferry to Thong Sala Pier)
​Koh Samui--------->Koh Phagnan
8:00am                       8:30am
​1:00pm                       1:30pm

4:30pm                       5:00pm

Koh Phagnan------>Koh Samui 

10:30am                     11:00am

4:30pm                        5:00pm

Tickets:  300 THB each way


Full Moon Dates 2020
Sunday February 9
Monday March 9
Tuesday April 7
Thursday May 7
Friday June 5
Monday July 6
Monday August 3
Tuesday September 1
Thursday October 1
Thursday October 29
Saturday November 29
Friday December 25


Thailand is a country of peace, harmony and beauty, ideally the perfect place for a yoga training.  Daily morning yoga classes designed to challenge your strength, flexibility and stamina will be broken down into easily accessible steps so that the complete beginner along with the more advanced can both experience the benefits that yoga encourages.  Become more conscious of experience in each moment, fostering a childlike joy in the now, heightening awareness of your more intuitive & creative capacities. As you take walks along the beach, become more attentive to the details of your surroundings, the warmth of the sun, the texture of sand or the taste of salt in the air.  Give yourself the time to observe the changing nature of the light at Sunrise & Sunset. The sounds of the island provide the natural soundtrack to enlighten your imagination. Daily therapeutic & relaxing Thai oil massage soothes away the accumulated muscular aggravations as you become more connected to the intuitive, mysterious, and not easily verbalized aspects of yourself so that you feel alive & may return with a little less tension & a little more light.

Big BuddhaPier
(Big Buddha Ferry to Haad Rin Pier)
​Koh Samui--------->Koh Phagnan
​10:30am                       11:30am
1:00pm                        2:00pm

4:00pm                        5:00pm

6:30pm                        7:30pm

Koh Phagnan------>Koh Samui 

9:30am                       10:30am

11:40pm                      12:40pm
2:30pm                        3:30pm
5:30pm                        6:30pm

Tickets:  200 THB each way

Haad Rin, Koh Phangan 

Haad Rin, Koh Phangan is one of the most well known beaches in Thailand. Tucked into a crescent bay, covered in powder white sand and crystal clear waters, Haad Rin offer a numbers of activities aside from the monthly Full Moon Party. Getting here is easiest by taking the Haad Rin Queen from Koh Samui. 

Tickets can be purchased online through Bangkok Airways.  Only an hour flight from Bangkok you will arrive at Koh Samui International Airport.  After leaving bagage claim you will exit into a common area where you can arrange transportation to Big Buddha Pier for 300 Baht. that will bring you on the Haad Rin Queen to Koh Phagnan.

Our staff that live on the island ensures your time on Koh Phagnan is a safe and truly unique experience.


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Trip Planning

Haad Rin is one of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches on Koh Phangan, it's broad shoreline gently curves to form a perfect cove flanked by smooth volcanic peninsulas with the sun rising right in the middle of the bay. The beach is over one kilometre in length and was one of the first visited by travellers escaping Koh Samui over 20 years ago. 



​YOGA Teacher Trainings 
SUPYOGA Certification

Monthly Events

In the early 80's, a group of tourists found that the most beautiful moon was in Koh Phangan. They arranged a party along the crescent-shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate the Full Moon night. Now, people from all over the world come to join the celebration... There are 10,000-30,000 people at the party each month. The celebration begins at dusk, When the round brilliant moon makes its appearance over the white sand beach. In twilight, small tables are lined up on the beach and thousands of lamps are lit.. As the evening progresses the beach explodes into a dancing frenzy as different m.c.'s take their turn, something for everyone... trance, techno, drum, bass & reggae... Jugglers and fire-eaters entertain the crowds as the night goes on and with the spectacular impromptu fireworks display, the party atmosphere is complete.  People enjoying themselves with one unified intention, to rejoice in the magic of FULL MOON PARTY!