Candace Welch, owner and founder of Global Vinyasa, was born in Papua New Guinea to an American father and a Canadian mother. She has lived in the United States and Thailand, and currently resides in Spain. Her independent spirit has led her to create a very different yoga school in Global Vinyasa. Her deep interest and understanding of diverse cultures allows her to bring a unique insight to her yoga teachings and trainings. 

A vegan chef and a former professional athlete, Candace continues to tap into her diverse life experience in her applied yoga and nutritional work with professional athletes in the Barcelona area. Her deep desire to continually learn allows her to approach her work in yoga with rare generosity and humility.

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Philip Bryden, founder and owner of Mush Nutrition, and is a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. He also also holds certifications in Holistic and Plant-Based Nutrition. Philip has been involved in professional sports for many years, and has seen, first hand, the need for change in the way that nutrition is viewed and approached. 

Philip’s approach to nutrition is a comprehensive one: exclusively plant-based, dairy free, wheat free, and sugar free. This discipline pays great dividends for increased athletic performance and improved recovery, as well as offering tremendous benefits for overall health. Mush Nutrition uses the principles of Ayurveda to help create its personalisednutritional programs for athletes. No two athletes are the same - personal attention is crucial to meeting their individual nutritional needs. 

Education is a key element in helping any athlete or individual to better understand the workings of his or her body. A pro-active, preventative approach to health and fitness is one of the cornerstones of Mush Nutrition.

Global Vinyasa is committed to sharing yoga with the world, to creating an authentic experience that celebrates life, to empowering both teachers and students who wish to deepen their practice.  

Yoga is for EVERYONE!

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Our Mission and Commitment

Global Vinyasa feels that it may be time for a change in the ideals and values of the “Yoga Industry” that we see today. We strive to shape the direction of what yoga may become tomorrow, and to preserve the sanctity of the origins of this ancient practice.

In recent years, yoga has been shaped by marketing companies, social media, and the fitness industry without any understanding for what gives yoga it’s true definition.  The commercially driven side of yoga has edited away many parts of it’s fundamental elements in an effort to become more financially profitable. 

We feel that it is important to protect the integrity of the roots of yoga and it’s philosophy, and to offer alternatives to current mainstream trends in the yoga industry.  We support a yoga that exists offline, a yoga that is not about clothing, egos, or marketing trends.  It is our desire to seek a broader understanding of yoga and it’s many lineages.  How can we do things better?  How can we inspire change for future generations?

"Thank you for an amazing YTT program...Global Vinyasa!  

The 12 days of intense, hands on, and concise training surely equips students of everything there is to know to become a yoga teacher.  Continue touching people's lives!"

                                                                               - Dona, 2019 graduate

Yoga is for everyone!

No glorified teachers. 

No perfect body.

No hidden fees.

​No costumes.

No pedestals. 

No script.

No ego.

Yoga is for everyone!