Global Vinyasa is committed to sharing yoga with the world, to creating an authentic experience that celebrates life, to empowering both teachers and students who wish to deepen their practice.  

"Thank you for an amazing YTT program...Global Vinyasa!  

The 12 days of intense, hands on, and concise training surely equips students of everything there is to know to become a yoga teacher.  Continue touching people's lives!"

                                                                               - Dona, 2019 graduate

Our Mission and Commitment

Global Vinyasa feels that it may be time for a change in the ideals and values of the “Yoga Industry” that we see today. We strive to shape the direction of what yoga may become tomorrow, and to preserve the sanctity of the origins of this ancient practice.

In recent years, yoga has been shaped by marketing companies, social media, and the fitness industry without any understanding for what gives yoga it’s true definition.  The commercially driven side of yoga has edited away many parts of it’s fundamental elements in an effort to become more financially profitable. 

We feel that it is important to protect the integrity of the roots of yoga and it’s philosophy, and to offer alternatives to current mainstream trends in the yoga industry.  We support a yoga that exists offline, a yoga that is not about clothing, egos, or marketing trends.  It is our desire to seek a broader understanding of yoga and it’s many lineages.  How can we do things better?  How can we inspire change for future generations?

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Yoga is for everyone!

No glorified teachers. 

No perfect body.

No hidden fees.

​No costumes.

No pedestals. 

No script.

No ego.

Yoga is for everyone!  

Candace Welch, owner and founder of Global Vinyasa, was born in Papua New Guinea to an American father and a Canadian mother. Her independent spirit has led her to create a very different yoga school in Global Vinyasa. Her background in Psychology and deep interest and understanding of diverse cultures allow her to bring a unique insight to her yoga teachings and trainings. She currently resides in the Seattle area with her family.

A vegan chef and a former professional athlete, Candace continues to tap into her diverse life experience in her applied yoga and nutritional work.  In 2018 creating the first "donation-only" YTT offered worldwide, firmly believing that financial status and possibilities should not be a determining factor in who gets to become a yoga instructor.
Our approach is simple – yet striking and unique on the highly populated horizon of yoga TTs – stay close to the root philosophical principles and practice of yoga. We further up the ante, however, by offering extensive anatomy and nutritional sections as part of the traditional Hatha and Vinyasa trainings, as well as providing the tools for each person to build his or her individual yogic lifestyle according to the authentic and purest principles of yogic philosophy. We strive to nurture a modern outlook to yoga, while maintaining the strongest of ties to its tradition and history.

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Yoga is for EVERYONE!

Philip is a plant-based nutritionist, specializing in Integrative and Sports Nutrition. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and has lived in various countries in Europe. He currently resides near Barcelona, Spain. Philip works with international pro athletes, from ATP tennis to pro soccer players. He is also currently Club Nutritionist for the world’s first all-vegan international rugby club, the Green Gazelles. Philip also works with a variety of “non-athlete” clients. He has written and published a book in 2019, “You are Beautiful: A New Perspective on Health and Nutrition.” 
Philip’s goal is to create a deeper understanding of the principles of using plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse major diseases by using food as medicine. Each of us has a unique blueprint for optimal well-being. Philip’s approach to nutrition is 100% plant based and personalised to empower each person to take control of the footprint they leave on the earth and themselves. He helps each person work toward a deep health approach to living, co-creating positive habits for nutrition, hydration, sleep, and mindfulness. His holistic approach allows each person to find their own balance and to pursue sustainable health and performance on a daily basis. After all, optimal performance isn’t just for athletes. It’s what we can all strive for everyday!